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Promotional films

We can do everything from A to Z. If you need an advertising video for your company, corporate video, or video from specific event, we can help you. Simple as that. Our main focus is to provide you with something that will make your audience say: “WOW! That’s amazing, let’s watch it again!”. And then they will.

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explainer videos

Sometimes writing about a product or a place is not enough. You have to show your customers what they can expect, or how your product works. The best tool for this is a video! Help your clients better understand what you have to offer them.

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Making of videos

Posting in social media “making of”or behind the scenes type of video is a great way to increase the interest of potential customers in your brand. It also shows how the company’s work looks, well… “behind the scenes”, which always intrigues people and allows you to reach more and more customers.

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Social media

We work mainly with services such as YouTube or Vimeo, but also with Instagram and Facebook. We will help you manage your content so that it reaches the widest audience and meets the goals you set. We will also help you to optimize your content for each social media channel.

Why with us?

There are few things that you need to know abot our awesomeness
Most important: I'm passionate about what I do!

Making films, animations, pictures and graphics is my job. But also my passion. We work with this for several years, and we specialize in travel clips. Filmmaking in different conditions (on a motorcycle, biking, snowboarding , skating and... even on a camel) taught me how important is the flexibility and ability to adapt to non-standard situations. I deal with everything from the idea for the film, through implementation, editing and montage to promoting final video on social media. We set up and ran both: channels on Youtube and Vimeo. We focus on making amazing materials, in the best quality and we help to create content that will interest your customers and will engage them in the interaction. And all of this, we make it to promote your brand and take you marketing to whole new level

  • We are working on it

  • With you, with your clients

  • It's needed.

  • Well it's not our best skill...

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